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Capewell Park, Shelton Youth Soccer

 Shelton Youth Soccer contracted US Pitchcare to restore two existing soccer fields to proper playing condition.  The project would involve land leveling, effective surface drainage, creation of sub-surface drainage, irrigation repair, a completely new grass surface, and ongoing maintenance.

Capewell Before

Standing water became a growing concern and it would become necessary to level this area, as well as add sub-surface drainage to other parts of the field.  The sub-surface drainage will prevent the ground from flooding and allow appropriate run-off and absorption throughout the acreage.

Capewell Field Rough Grading

Obvious undulations in the turf surface area perpetuated the need to regrade the land to achieve an even playing surface.  This accomplishment would prevent injury to the players and enhance the overall playing conditions.  Soccer balls will roll true and athletes will have an even terrain to perform at their best on this newly leveled vs. previously crowned field.

Capewell Field Stripping

Field Stripping, also referred to as Frase Mowing where we remove a full layer of turf in order to prepare the surface for the impending renovation. This process is an effective and sustainable method for growing healthier turf. 

Field 1 Grading

The process of grading is an integral part of the landscaping to ensure that rain water is drained away and land slope is fine tuned to ensure aesthetics as well as complete functionality of the turf.  The team’s meticulous attention to detail is fully realized when the field is fully established with new grass and the playing surface drains beautifully without water collecting on the surface. Part of the regrading process requires additional soil resulting in refining the leveling the surface again and again.

Capewell (finished field)

The reconstruction project is complete, and the fields are ready for the rigorous play that will ensue on these public park fields.  From beginning to end our team spent roughly 3 weeks reconstructing the two fields in two different phases.  The resurfaced area with the combination of good weather and timely precipitation allowed the fields to grow in nicely.


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