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Richter Park Golf Course - Drainage

Some of the low-lying holes on the course required drainage work to accelerate the drying and playability of the areas after heavy precipitation.  The team was contracted to re-work the fourth hole, eleventh hole, tenth hole and driving range. The project required the digging of trenches to lay the french drains shown in the photo below; followed by the addition of crushed stone to the trench to further eradicate the flooding of the fairways.

French drains staged for the project
French drains staged for the project

The team dug the ditch and laid the drainage tube. That was followed by crushed stone to further enhance the effectiveness of water displacement. The plywood was laid on either side of the ditch to reduce damage to the fairways from the heavy equipment necessary to create the trench. Come spring the grass will grow in nicely and players will not be hindered by plugged golf balls and soggy fairways.

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