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Richter Park Golf Course - Capillary Concrete

Richter Park Golf Course is an 18-hole public facility located in Danbury, CT.  It sits amidst beautiful topography of rolling hills and 14 of the 18 holes have water come into play.  The greens are well protected by one or more of the 49 newly renovated bunkers that surround the course.

Richter Park contracted US Pitchcare to renovate the bunkers using the Capillary Concrete method (see Capillary Concrete under product sales).  This method was presented as a solution to:

  • Create bunkers that will hold up to the demanding level of play the course receives
  • Reduce washouts that create downtime after rain events
  • Reduce and even eliminate contamination
  • Remove the fabric liners that would continue to appear to the displeasure of the players.   
Cap Concrete 1

Sand run-off and erosion before installation of Capillary Concrete.  Team preparing the bunker for the addition of the concrete.

Cap Concrete 2

Wet concrete is poured into bunker then raked and rolled to an even surface and thickness on the bottom of the bunker floor.

Cap Concrete 3

The finished product, before addition of new bunker sand, is a surface that is evenly applied with precision and accuracy to ensure integrity of the playing conditions once completed. 

Cap Concrete 4