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Capillary Concrete

Innovation and technology in bunker liners that will revolutionize the way to create sustainability and longevity for sand traps has been developed by Capillary Concrete.

Are you contemplating bunker renovation for your golf course? Do your bunkers suffer from wash outs and erosion each season or after significant downpours? Capillary Concrete, a permeable concrete, is the answer you are seeking to maintain and manage the conditions of sand bunkers that stand up to any rainfall or other extreme weather conditions that may otherwise erode bunkers.  

Retired Swedish and former LPGA player and Hall of Famer, Annika Sorenstam is a part owner in Capillary Concrete and has a passion and desire to grow the game of golf; while helping to reduce the maintenance costs and increase sustainability and longevity of golf courses. As described, Capillary Concrete uses macro and micro pours to keep the concrete together. When water enters the bunker gravity naturally pulls it down, but when the bunker is dry capillary action (moving water against the force of gravity) forces the water to go up so that the sand clings or sticks to the liner. This technology provides playable consistency along with bunker longevity and sustainability. All wins for the serious golf course superintendent servicing a discerning membership and seeking to lower costs and improve course performance and player experience.

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