Golf Construction

Golf Construction

US Pitchcare is comprised of experienced turf professionals who understand golf course construction and maintenance.  We have four former superintendents as well as experienced builders that understand the hard work you do everday.  We pride ourselves with leaving you a product that is both asthetically pleasing but functional and maintanable.  We have the know-how to provide follow-up maintenance and the abilty to design-build a project from small to large.

Golf Construction Services

US Pitchcare has the experience, the passion and the know-how to handle all your course construction renovation needs. Whether installing drainage, improving irrigation or the complete rebuild of greens, tees, and fairways, US Pitchcare can handle the job. Based out of Waterbury Connecticut, US Pitchcare can access all the Northeast, New York and New Jersey in a timely and responsive manner. Need help with cultural services? Our Services team can help with aeration, overseeding, applications services and much more. Just Ask US Pitchcare and see how we can help.

Bunker Renovations

US Pitchcare has grown in recognition as the preferred bunker renovation contractor in the Northeast. We utilize various types of installation methods and liners. Give US Pitchcare a call today to discuss the options!

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Putting Green Construction

Let your putting surfaces make you shine

Whether it is creating a tournament level USGA putting green or native push ups, we are your trusted one stop shop. With our construction superintendents and shapers having built several hundred putting greens, we are able to build the surface your course needs.

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The infrastructure that excels when needed most

Return on investment is clear as day, allowing play to commence immediately following a rain event. Having the ability to move both rain and ground water away from key features on your property is vital to turf health and course access. US Pitchcare excels at drainage. Having automated trenching systems, as well as automated backfill machines, allows us to trench and backfill in one continuous motion, never allowing material to touch your turf. In addition to installing, we also warehouse drainage pipe to ensure we do not have delays due to supply chain issues. With a proven track record of countless miles of drainage installed, US Pitchcare the top contractor for your project.

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Paving and Guard Rail

Trust US Pitchcare to install your next hardscape or fencing project

  • Guard Rails
  • Cart Path
  • Road Expansions
  • Roadway Crossings
  • Erosion Prevention

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Tee Construction

Tee boxes are played by all golfers on every hole. They can become the most scrutinized area of your golf course. US Pitchcare has specific tools to remove built up thatch layers and easily dispose. Utilizing self leveling duel plane laser systems, we can manipulate any surface to promote surface drainage as well as leaving a consistently smooth surface to play off of. We follow this work by regrassing with premier varieties of short grass as well as surrounding rough areas. Leaving a new environment to start your golf hole!

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PVC Irrigation

  • Main Line & Lateral
  • Green & Tee Loops
  • Temporary & Grow In
  • Sprinkler Installation


  • Electrofusion
  • Welded Fusion
  • Trenched & Pulled
  • Above Ground


  • Toro, Hunter, Rainbird
  • Central Programming
  • Satellite & Bluetooth
  • Wiring & Troubleshooting


  • Golf Course
  • Athletic Field
  • Mister & Drip Zone
  • Audit & Flow Study

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Practice Facilities

Updating the practice facility at your course can be one of your best membership selling points and revenue generators. Both synthetic and natural turf practice facilities are in high demand as the game of golf grows. Dont wait to reach out to the US Pitchcare team for consultation!

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Pond Drainage and Dewatering

  • Mechanical pumping
  • BANK and edge establishment
  • Desedimentation
  • Dredge Spoil Management

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Screening and Soil Blending

US Pitchcare prides itself on our ability to not only screen out undesired material from your native soils, but also blend in products to modify native soils to your exact needs.

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Overnight Production

Under the lights, We shine bright

If your membership desires an uninterrupted golf experience, we can accommodate that. After the sun sets, US Pitchcare ramps up to efficiently tackle your clubs goals and your members expectations by working at night.

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